Bespoke Travel Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for the traveler on your list? Or maybe you’re the one with wanderlust and holiday cash burning a hole in your pocket? Either way, one of the 12 gems on this list might just make the perfect traveling companion for your next trip. Happy travels! #wanderlust #travelbespoke #givingbeatsgetting

#1: Scratch that travel itch

#2: Foodie fun

#3: I’ll toast to that

#4: In the air, then plein air

#5: Baggage? What baggage?

#6: Nothing beats real film

#7: Tripping the light fantastic

Readers are leaders

Plan de Paris x2

Keep it light

Won’t you cuddle up with me?

At first I was blind, but now…

Lakefront Festival of the Arts

This weekend, June 19-21, is the Milwaukee Lakefront Festival of the Arts. I have never been before, but have heard great things and hope to make it this year. It is held on the banks of Lake Michigan, in front of the Milwaukee Art Museum designed by Calatrava. Just a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the opening of American Originals at the museum. The space is so inspiring and this new exhibit features eight great American artists who were under-appreciated in their time. It’s definitely a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee Art Museum